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Qingdao Senmei Packaging Machinery CO.,LTD

Qingdao Senmei Packaging Machinery CO.,LTD is a scientific research enterprise including R&D, production and sales.We have a top professional R&D team and have obtained a number of national invention patents.We have over 18 years experience and are the China's leaders in labelling, cutting, edge curling and seaming machine.After years of hard work, Senmei paper tube packaging equipments have gradually stabilized the international market.The company's develop orientation is: high- intelligent high-speed paper tank producing equipment and automatic high-speed production line!

Nowadays, more than 95% of the company's products are exported to foreign countries, covering developed countries such as Europe and the United States. It is favored by overseas customers due to its high-effictive. The company has more than 3,000 square meters of equipment assembly workshop, we have excellent R & D team, rich industry experience, can quickly provide non-standard automation solutions according to customer needs.


Unmatched composite cardboard tube packaging

Four Stations Paper Tube Labeling Machine with Water Glue | Senmei Packaging Machinery

Our Paper Tube Labeling Machine offers precise, automated labeling for paper tubes. With automatic feeding and positioning, it ensures accuracy and efficiency. Versatile and user-friendly, it accommodates various label heights and thicknesses. Enhance your production with reliable performance and minimal maintenance.

Automatic Paper Tube Production Machine | Senmei Packaging Machinery

Automatic Paper Tube Production Our machine automates paper tube production for seamless efficiency.

Paper Tube Outer Coiling and Expanding Machine

This machine excels in paper tube outer coiling, inner coiling, and tube inflation, offering superior craftsmanship and stable performance. Utilizing advanced CNC stepping system technology, it minimizes positioning errors in paper tube production.

Automatic Hot Glue Paper Tube Labeling Machine - SM600-HL

Product Introduction:The fully automatic hot glue paper tube labeling machine offers diverse functionality, widely applicable for labeling paper tubes, paper cans, cardboard tubes, round box cardboard labeling, and fireworks tube labeling. It provides high labeling accuracy and efficiency, making it suitable for various industries, including food, paper tube, and fireworks.


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