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Four Stations Paper Tube Water Glue Labeling Machine

Enhance Labeling Efficiency with Four Stations Water Glue Technology

Four Stations Paper Tube Labeling Machine with Water Glue | Senmei Packaging Machinery

Four Stations Paper Tube Labeling Machine with Water Glue | Senmei Packaging Machinery

Description of the machine:

●  1.Automatic label position control, accurate label picking up by Feeder for only one piece per time, no two pieces allowed. Magazine can hold 1500 pieces of labels per load.

●  2.Turrent with four mandrels rotate anticlockwise integratedly but to realize the feed in of paper tube, labeling, high speed precision recutting and paper tube feed out also the paper scrap out separately.

●  3.Robotic arm to grip paper tube vertically instead of feeding by push plate, positioning accurately regardless of tube diameters and lengths variation.

●  4.Unique water glue applying technology, a perfect solution to water glue overflow when labeling.

●  5.Serving torque technology to adjust the labeling pressure automatically and dynamically to get a perfect


●  6.Alignment accuracy of ±0.5mm is perfectly realized.

●  7.Feedin speed 11-15 per minute. Min. recutting height 30mm and max. 17 pcs per recutting. 

● 8.Automatic water glue feed in, a separating design for cleaning. 5 minutes to finish cleaning by water rinsing manually after power off.

Automated Paper Tube Labeling Machine

Streamline your labeling process with our advanced Paper Tube Labeling Machine. Designed for efficiency and precision, this machine offers seamless operation and high-quality results.

Efficient Operation:Featuring automatic paper tube feeding and positioning with a CAM divider, our machine ensures precise alignment and consistent labeling. The automatic feeding out mechanism handles both tubes and paper scraps, optimizing workflow.

High-Quality Labeling:Equipped with a semi-automatic glue cleaning method, our machine maintains label quality while minimizing downtime. It accommodates a wide range of label heights and thicknesses, ensuring versatility and reliability in your labeling process.

Precision and Speed:With an alignment precision of ±0.5mm and a maximum cutting quantity of 17 pieces per cycle, our machine delivers accurate and efficient labeling. It operates at a speed of 11-15 pieces per minute, meeting your production demands with ease.

User-Friendly Design:Designed for ease of use, our machine requires only one operator, reducing labor costs and increasing productivity. The compact design and customizable voltage options make it suitable for various production environments.

Reliable Performance:Built to last, our Paper Tube Labeling Machine boasts a robust construction and reliable components. It operates at a working air pressure of 0.5Mpa and has a rated power of 5.5KW, ensuring consistent performance and minimal maintenance requirements.

Dimensions and Weight:With dimensions of L4100W2900H1950mm and a weight of 1280kgs, our machine is compact yet sturdy, optimizing space utilization in your production facility.

Enhance Your Labeling Process:Experience the benefits of automated labeling with our Paper Tube Labeling Machine. Increase efficiency, reduce labor costs, and elevate the quality of your labeled products with our reliable and versatile solution.



ModelSM520-LC Automatic Water Glue Labeling and Recutting Machine

Applicable tank diameter


Applicable label height


Applicable label thickness

100-120gsm for ¢30-¢75 and 100-157gsm for ¢80-¢160

Alignment precision


Maximum cutting quantity

17/ pcs

Minimum recutting length



11-15 pcs/min.


Can be Selected

Working Air Pressure


Rated power



1 Person


L4100* W2900 * H1950mm




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