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Automatic Paper Tube Inserting, Placing, Gluing, Curling, and Pressing Machine

Automate Your Paper Tube Production with Senmei's Comprehensive Machinery

Automatic Paper Tube Production Machine | Senmei Packaging Machinery

Automatic Paper Tube Production Machine | Senmei Packaging Machinery

我们的尖端机器以精确和高效的方式实现纸管生产的自动化。具有自动进料和出料功能,可无缝完成圆盘插入、涂胶和卷曲等任务。凭借简单的设置和高可靠性,它提供即用型纸管,使生产无忧无虑。它是优化制造工艺的理想选择,可确保以每分钟 23-26 件的速度实现一致的性能。

Paper tube production machine

**Effortless Operation:** Featuring automatic paper tube feeding and discharging mechanisms, our machine ensures seamless operation, eliminating the need for manual intervention. Equipped with eight working stations, it efficiently completes procedures such as diagonal disc insertion, initial disc placement, circle gluing, lubrication, curling, and paper disc pressing upwardly. **High Precision and Reliability:** With advanced servo drive technology and an intuitive HMI touch screen interface, our machine offers simple setup and quick changeover capabilities. Adjust the height of the paper tube and curling depth with ease, ensuring consistent and accurate results every time. The discs separating mechanism ensures precise feeding of paper discs, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity. **Ready-to-Use Finished Products:** Produce ready-to-use paper tubes directly from our machine, eliminating the need for further manual operations or assembly. Experience seamless production and ensure that your paper tubes meet the highest quality standards, ready for immediate use. **Reliable Performance:** With a production efficiency of 25-30 pieces per minute and a rated power of 2.2KW, our Paper Tube Production Machine delivers reliable performance to meet your manufacturing needs. Whether you're in the packaging, labeling, or manufacturing industry, our machine is the perfect solution to optimize your production process and enhance efficiency. Experience the benefits of automation and precision with our Paper Tube Production Machine. Invest in quality, reliability, and efficiency for your production line today.Parameter table

SM120-WD  Automatic Paper Tube Inserting, Placing, Gluing, Curling and Pressing

Paper Tube Feeding MethodAutomatic
Paper Tube Discharging MethodAutomatic
Paper Tube DiameterΦ40mm-Φ160mm
Paper Tube Length30-300mm
Air Consumption0.6Mpa
Production Efficiency25-30 pieces/min
Rated Power2.2KW
VoltageThree phases 380V, 50Hz


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