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Automatic Hot Glue Paper Tube Labeling Machine

Accelerate Your Labeling Process with Senmei's Hot Glue Technology

Automatic Hot Glue Paper Tube Labeling Machine - SM600-HL

Automatic Hot Glue Paper Tube Labeling Machine - SM600-HL

Elevate Your Labeling Efficiency with SM600-HL Hot Glue Paper Tube Labeling Machine

Unlock unmatched precision and productivity in your labeling process with our cutting-edge SM600-HL Hot Glue Paper Tube Labeling Machine. Designed to meet diverse industry needs, this automated marvel boasts remarkable features:

Adaptable Can Diameter: From Φ30 to Φ130MM, with a seamless manual switch for 30-40mm cans.

Versatile Label Height: Accommodates labels ranging from 130 to 600mm.

Optimal Label Thickness: Handle labels with weights between 75-157g with ease.

User-Friendly Voltage Selection: Tailor the machine to your power specifications effortlessly.

Impressive Speed: Achieve labeling speeds of 22-27 pcs/min, enhancing your production efficiency.

Efficient Working Pressure: Operate at 0.4Mpa, ensuring stable and reliable performance.

Powerful Performance: Rated at 2.1KW, the machine delivers consistent and efficient results.

Single Operator Capability: Streamline your operations with just one skilled personnel.

Compact Dimensions: L2400* W1200 * H1400mm, saving valuable floor space.

Robust Build: Weighing in at 680kgs, the machine is sturdy and durable for long-term use.

Parameters Table:

ModelSM600-HL Hot Glue Paper Tube Labeling Machine
Applicable Can DiameterΦ30-Φ130MM (30-40mm requires manual switch)
Applicable Label Height130-600mm
Applicable Label Thickness75-157g
VoltageCan be Selected
Speed22-27 pcs/min.
Working Pressure0.4Mpa
Rated Power2.1KW
Operator1 Person
Machine DimensionsL2400* W1200 * H1400mm
Machine Weight680kgs


The standard library can accommodate 1500 labels at once, eliminating the need for repeated adjustments and saving significant startup time.

Unique bidirectional labeling technology ensures continuous and uninterrupted machine operation, reducing the risk of card labels or double-labeling issues, effectively reducing the scrap rate.

Stepper motor-driven gripper mechanism ensures precise label application, preventing labeling on empty paper tubes. Can be equipped with an auxiliary input for double-label stoppage detection.

Utilizes a printing machine fixture positioning and clamping label technology, releasing the label at the last moment before application, ensuring precise labeling.


1.Optical sensors automatically detect paper cans when placed in the hopper. The entire process of label feeding/gluing/application and label dropping takes just one second.

2.No manual removal of the final paper tube is required; it exits automatically after labeling.

3.No need to change any mold parts; adjustments are made by positioning the label and tube, easily done through the touchscreen interface.

4.Patented design for the hot glue paper tube labeling machine ensures stable gluing with rapid cooling within 0.3 seconds, preventing any openings or gaps on the label head. Clean and neat labeling results.

5.Embedded temperature control module maintains hot melt glue at a constant temperature, saving significant energy with a temperature difference within 0.1 degrees.


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