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Paper Tube Inner Curling Machine

Achieve Precision with Senmei's Paper Tube Inner Curling Machine

Paper Tube Inner Curling Machine | Senmei Packaging Machinery

Paper Tube Inner Curling Machine | Senmei Packaging Machinery

product description

The main functions of this paper tube outer rolling and expanding machine are paper tube outer rolling, paper tube inner rolling and paper tube inflation. The products are well made and have stable performance. Our company's paper tube external rolling and expanding machine adopts advanced technology - CNC stepping system, which can minimize the positioning error of the paper tube.


1. This paper tube crimping machine automatically rolls the paper tube into the machine horizontally and performs smoothly. The curling feeder uses a mechanical cam to ensure flexible feeding of the mold under high-speed production. The mass of the elbow does not change as the speed increases.

2. The five-station dial equipped with this paper tube crimping machine is automatically controlled by the computer system and has accurate indexing. Continuously transport the paper tube to the working position for crimping, retreating and pulling out.

3. This paper tube curling machine can be set through the touch screen to achieve three functions: inner curling, outer curling and automatic inflation. The whole machine has variable frequency speed regulation.

4. The mold change of this machine is quick and convenient, no manual alignment is required, the mold is quickly installed in a modular manner, the computer automatically recognizes the position, and the error is less than 0.05MM.


ModelSM600-W Paper Tube Outer Curling and Edge Curling Machine
Paper Tube Barrel Feeding MethodAutomatic Loader
Paper Tube Barrel DischargeAutomatic Discharger
Paper Tube Barrel Positioning MethodCNC Stepping System
Production Efficiency30-40 pieces/min
AccuracyLess than 0.5mm
Maximum Length of Paper Tube Barrel500mm
Minimum Length of Paper Tube Barrel60mm
Paper Tube DiameterΦ30mm-Φ160mm
Paper Tube Wall Thickness0.8-1 MM
Air Consumption0.5Mpa
Rated Power2.8KW
Machine VoltageThree-phase 380V
Machine Dimensions (mm)1780x930x1850
Machine Weight880KG


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