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Water glue labeling machine | Cardboard tube water glue labeling machine | Cardboard tube wet glue labeling machine

Water glue labeling machine | Cardboard tube water glue labeling machine | Cardboard tube wet glue labeling machine

Water glue labeling machine | Cardboard tube water glue labeling machine | Cardboard tube wet glue labeling machine

The water glue labeling machine is used for labeling any paper tube-shaped objects, such as composite can paper tubes, tea can paper tubes, wine can type paper tubes, and even the packaging of party fireworks paper tubes. The performance is stable, and the water glue labeling effect of our company achieves the smoothness and beauty of paper tube products.


Product parametersL:


SM520-LC  Fully Automatic Water Glue Labeling and Die-cutting Machine

Paper Tube Can Diameter


Label Height


Label Thickness

100-120gsm for ¢30-¢75 and 100-157gsm for ¢80-¢160

Machine Alignment Precision


Maximum Cutting Quantity


Minimum Re-cut Length


Machine Speed

11-15 pcs/min.


Can be Selected

Working Air Pressure


Rated Power


Operators Required

1 Person

Machine Dimensions


Machine Weight


Introduction to water glue labeling machine:

The label position is automatically controlled, and the feeder accurately picks up labels. Only one label can be picked up at a time, and two labels are not allowed. The magazine holds 1500 labels at a time.

The four-spindle turntable rotates counterclockwise as a whole to realize paper tube feeding, labeling, high-speed and precision re-cutting, paper tube feeding, and separate paper tube waste removal.

The mechanical arm clamps the paper tube vertically, without the need for a push plate to feed, so that no matter how the diameter and length of the paper tube change, it can be positioned accurately.

The machine's unique water glue coating technology perfectly solves the problem of water glue overflow during water glue labeling.

Servo torque technology automatically and dynamically adjusts the labeling pressure to obtain the perfect appearance of the paper tube.

The paper tube perfectly achieves an alignment accuracy of ±0.5mm.

Feeding speed 11-15/minute. minute. Re-cutting height 30mm and maximum re-cutting 17 pieces per time.

The machine has automatic water glue feeding and separate cleaning design. After the power is turned off, the cleaning can be completed by manually flushing with water for 5 minutes.


Paper tube feeding: fully automatic

Positioning method: CAM indexer

Paper tube delivery: The SM520-LC water labeling machine paper scraps are automatically delivered

Glue cleaning method: semi-automatic


Operation: The water glue labeling machine can replace the label box according to different paper tube and tank label sizes.

Material: This SM520-LC water glue labeling machine is made of SUS304 stainless steel

The machine label box can be controlled to meet different labeling requirements.

This machine can change the size of the label box according to different label sizes. Easy and simple to operate.

The amount of flowing water glue can be changed to meet different paper tube labeling requirements.

Compared with self-adhesive labels, the cost of paper labels of our company's SM520-LC machine is lower.


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