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Fully automatic hot melt adhesive labeling machine

Fully automatic hot melt adhesive labeling machine

Fully automatic hot melt adhesive labeling machine

Fully automatic hot melt adhesive labeling machine

The fully automatic hot melt adhesive labeling machine has a standard library capacity of 1,500 labels. It is an 

efficient labeling equipment that can solve your label management problems. This equipment has a unique 

two-way labeling technology to ensure continuous and uninterrupted operation, reduce the risk of label jamming 

or re-labeling problems, and effectively reduce the scrap rate. Use a stepper motor-driven clamping mechanism to 

ensure accurate label fit and avoid labeling on empty paper tubes.

The equipment uses printing machine clamp positioning and clamping label technology to release the label at the 

last moment before labeling to ensure accurate labeling. In addition, the equipment is also equipped with an 

auxiliary input function for double-standard shutdown detection, which greatly improves the stability and 

reliability of the equipment.



The advantages of this device are very obvious. First of all, the optical sensor automatically detects the status of the 

paper can being placed in the hopper. The entire process of label delivery, gluing, labeling, and label dropping only 

takes one second, which greatly improves production efficiency. Secondly, the final paper tube does not need to be 

taken out manually and will exit automatically after labeling, which reduces manual intervention and reduces 

production costs.

In addition, this hot melt adhesive labeling machine does not require the replacement of any mold parts, and can 

be adjusted by positioning the label and tube, which is easily done through the touch screen interface. This makes 

equipment maintenance easier and reduces repair costs. The most important thing is that the patented design of 

the hot glue paper tube labeling machine has a rapid cooling time of only 0.3 seconds, stable gluing, no openings 

or gaps in the labeling head, and a clean and neat labeling effect. In addition, the equipment has a built-in 

temperature control module to maintain a constant temperature of the hot melt adhesive and the temperature 

difference is within 0.1 degrees, which greatly saves energy.

In short, this fully automatic hot melt adhesive labeling machine is an efficient, stable and reliable equipment 

with many advantages and practical functions. It can save you a lot of start-up time, reduce scrap rate, improve 

production efficiency, reduce production costs and maintenance costs. It is your ideal choice to realize automated 

production and improve production efficiency.


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