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【A big attack, one machine can do many things! 】

【A big attack, one machine can do many things! 】

【A big attack, one machine can do many things! 】

【A big attack, one machine can do many things! 】

Welcome to the world of multi-tool cutting machines, a place where paper tube cutting is efficient and we build 

you equipment of exceptional quality. This multi-tool cutting machine stands out from its peers with its 

three-station design. It is suitable for cutting continuously curled paper tubes. Its excellent performance 

will bring you a breakthrough experience.

Paper tubes continuously flow into the feed channel, while the cutting machine automatically detects, 

feeds, and controls the tool movement with extremely high efficiency. After re-cutting, the paper tube can 

also be automatically ejected, all of which are precisely controlled by PLC and servo systems. Not only that, 

the operation of the equipment is also extremely simple. Just touch the screen lightly to realize the "sleep 

suppression" function, change tooling and Adjusting parameters becomes a breeze.



This cutting machine has an alarm function, which can keenly detect abnormal conditions during the production 

process and automatically shut down to ensure production safety. In addition, the precise positioning system 

makes the paper tube cutting accurate, ensuring fine cutting and trimming without burrs, taking your products 

to the next level. The design of the floating knife and super-hard mold ensures that the knife will never be 

damaged and does not need to be replaced within a year, which not only saves costs, but also ensures cutting 


This multi-tool cutting machine is undoubtedly a great addition to your production line. It can complete paper 

tube cutting tasks quickly and accurately, improve production efficiency and reduce costs. Not only that, it also 

has the characteristics of easy operation, high safety and high quality, making it an ideal choice for you to realize 

production automation. Hurry up and join our multi-tool cutting machine family, let us create a better future 



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