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Daily chemical products are also packed in paper cans and paper barrels
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The paper can and paper cylinder packaging presents a cylindrical structure with a more three-dimensional packaging pattern, which gives a very good visual experience and improves the value of the product. Because the packaging structure of paper can and paper cylinder is relatively complex, some differential and personalized packaging schemes can be realized to attract consumers' attention. In the fierce market competition, innovative packaging has more marketing ability.

We provide production equipment for paper packaging, such as: paper can labeling machine, paper cylinder labeling machine, labeling machine, curling machine, paper tube cutting machine, etc.

Not only that, paper can and paper drum packaging has a wide range of applications. Whether it's solid, liquid or powder products, paper can packaging can meet your needs. Especially for the products with strict requirements on packaging and sealing, the composite paper can certainly meet your needs, enhance the added value of products, and realize better marketing of products.



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