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What is the importance of paper tube environmental protection?
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Paper tube equipment is more and more used in industrial production and life.

Paper tube cutter
In recent years, the paper tube machine industry, paper industry, industrial paper tube industry and other related industries have made great development. But at the same time of development, we must not forget the importance of environmental protection.
1. Coordinate the protection of the original forest and the construction of new fast-growing forest when solving the source of raw materials.
2. Deal with the coordination between the use of rice and wheat straw as raw materials to increase farmers' income and the environmental protection standards of rice and wheat straw pulp production enterprises.

In essence, the paper industry needs to deal with the relationship between economic development and environmental protection. How to deal with the relationship between the two, the paper industry needs to consider, other industries such as coal industry, hydropower industry, chemical industry and other industries also need to seriously consider.

Although China has made great progress in the production technology of paper tube compared with the previous two years, there is still a huge gap between Japan and other countries in the equipment of paper tube labeling machine, paper tube machine, fine cutting machine, spiral paper tube machine, etc. In order to make greater progress in this field, renewal is the key, and the way of renewal is to replace local parts or key parts and key technologies, so as to achieve the purpose of replacing a unit, and update the production capacity, performance, efficiency, model and assembly mode of the original packaging machinery and equipment or production line.

The application of industrial paper tube is more and more extensive, and its emergence is conducive to the construction of an environmental friendly society and plays a leading role.


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